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Поэтессы Мавритании

Мавритания - одна из тех стран, где быть женщиной совсем тяжело. Практикуется женское обрезание и насильственное откармливание девушек (так как полнота считается красивой). Кроме того, несмотря на запрет рабства в 1980 году, до сих пор около 20% населения являются рабами. Грамотны 59% мужчин и 43% женщин. Тем не менее, Мавританию называют страной миллиона поэтов. Существует развитая устная поэтическая традиция. Нашла тексты двух мавританских поэтесс в переводе на английский.
Амината Атие (Aminata Athie) родилась в 1960 году в Сен-Луи, Сенегал, сейчас живет в Нуакшоте, столице Мавритании, где преподает французский в колледже.
Атие участвует в работе феминистских организаций и работает с группами студенток, помогая им издавать собственные газеты. Перевод на английский ее стихотворения "Продавец женщин" (в оригинале на французском) из антологии "A rain of words"
A Seller of Women
Have you passed by my stall? The seller of women is a man who knows how to show off his merchandise. You should see him do his thing or better still hear him: He puts on a show, almost like magic, a little bit the con-man but terribly charming.. In fact, his pitch was so persuasive that a mob of people huried to gather around him. You would have seen the crowd packed in there. Even I tried to stop, but I was in a hurry... And besides, I could not myself be a buyer, since you had to have a good pair of moustaches. As for the merchandise, I am not a lover of antiques: the piece is so strange that I would risk losing my Pulaar... Besides, I don't even know anymore which side of the market his stall is on. If you were to ask certain people...

Sister Soul
White Goose
My dove
My Sweet Grave

Call her by every nae
sweet names, names
of honey, butter, flour

names of things to eat
names of things to caress
names of things to trample
Call her by every name

The Woman is good to possess
The Woman, pride of the house

You must have a woman
She was an angel, the woman
Paradise is paved with good women

A woman-heater for winter
Woman-table for the living room
A woman-air conditioner for summer nights
Woman-seed for rainy seasons

Cotton-cloth woman
Pomade-woman for bad skin

Call her by every name

The dry composed candidate

Stubborn-statuett woman


Call her by every name

The woman, good to display
The woman, jewel of the house

They come in all shapes
There is one for every taste

Golden woman
Gilded woman

And even a bad-luck-woman
And even fossil-woman

The Woman, good to console
The Woman, household rubbish

I sell the woman, an object
of premium necessity

You must have a woman
She was made from the mire, woman

She eats
She drinks
She sleeps
Woman is scared
Madame adorns herself
Woman weeps

Woman of length
Woman of breadth
Woman of depth

Мбарка Минт аль-Барра' (Mbarka Mint al-Barra') - мавританская поэтесса и преподавательница, пишет преимущественно по-арабски. Родилась в Мавритании в 1957 году. Выдающаяся фигура в культурной и литературной жизни Мавритании, посещает литературные фестивали в других арабских странах.
Занималась исследованиями мавританской устной поэтической традиции, особенно тибра', формы любовной поэзии, которая читается в узком, чисто женском кругу, переводила стихи тибра' на французский. Опубликовала критическое исследование "Современная мавританская поэзия, 1970-1995" на арабском.

Poetry and I
The sin is that I wasn't a stone
And the troubles of the world make me sleepless
And I shield myself with poetry
And it keeps me company when I'm far from home
And poetry is my satchel that I will always carry with me
It holds the taste and fragrance of the earth
It holds thickets of prickly branches
It holds palm fronds loaded with dates
It paints all the stories of love in my language
Its colours form the spectrum from grape to dawn
And I said bring the most beautiful of stringed instruments
So the universe may know how music flows
And play its soothing melody
That brings justice to those who are in love
Letters burden this world of mine
Trouble leeches ink from the quill
Trouble leeches ink from the quill
When I read of the longing of lovers I burn

Еще одно стихотворение "Message from A Martyr"
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