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Сборник рассказов Франчески Марчиано

Вышел в апреле на английском языке: The Other Language by Francesca Marciano

Я ее не читала, но смотрела прекрасный и очень сильный итальянский фильм по ее сценарию - "Я не боюсь!" (Non ho paura, 2003) - рекомендую, но предупреждаю, что тема тяжелая: киднеппинг, убийство ребенка.

Франческа родилась и живет в Риме, но пишет, кажется, на английском.

Нью-Йорк Таймз называет Франческу прирожденной рассказчицей, а ее истории - умными, забавными, элегантными и острыми.

Рассказы касаются разных культур и изменений - в отношениях, в переездах в другие страны, в межкультурном общении: Венеция во время кинофестиваля, где женщина покупает платье от Шанель, которое она не может себе позволить;греческая деревня летом, где девочка-подросток влюбляется впервые; классические танцы в южной Индии - везде персонажи выходят за свои собственные рамки в новую судьбу.

Длинная рецензия с Амазона на английском:

I would not have expected to give five stars to a short story collection where my favorite chapter involved an unworn Chanel dress, and yet here we are.

This book will probably never be a bestseller. It's the kind of quiet narrative that might escape most major notice - but for those who do find it, however that happens, I think you'll feel yourself a participant in an unexpected club. Myself, I was mildly curious about the travel/overseas focus of the short stories and thought it would be an interesting narrative, if nothing especially memorable.

Instead, this collection has stuck with me in way I didn't anticipate. Each of the stories resonated with me for different reasons. It was not just because I had experienced similar situations, but that the emotions of Marciano's characters reflected such heartbreakingly familiar vibrations. It might be nostalgia from an object, like in "Chanel," or from a relationship, like "Roman Romance." In both these stories, she takes what starts as a conventional premise and layers detail upon detail over the character's emotions - never melodramatic, she plays each narrative entirely straightforward. Never is there a demand for the reader's emotion that the situation of the characters doesn't call for - but that deceptive simpleness is what most cuts to this reader's core.

Each story works on different levels. I'm used to short story collections where about 25 percent of the collection doesn't work for me, but in this case I could not pick out any story that I didn't enjoy. In only one story is there a strong off-note: an assault that doesn't seem as serious as it seems the situation should have called for. And in a couple cases the story's narrator is a little whiny - but that does reflect the personality of the character.

It's a gently magnificent collection. A summary of each story's contents wouldn't do them justice - and probably would have turned me off. You can read my other reviews for context of what I normally enjoy, and I can promise you that if someone had told me "your favorite story will be the one with the Chanel dress," I would have passed on reading this collection entirely.

But I didn't. There were moments here that took my breath away. Now I'm glad I'm in the Francesca Marciano club.
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