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Поэтессы Конго

Нашла еще стихотворения поэтесс из Конго в антологии "Rain of Words". Переводы на английский копирую сюда - в сети большинства этих стихотворений нет ;)
Cécile-Ivelyse Diamonéka родилась в 1940-м году в Конго. Учительница по профессии, занимала должности в министерстве образования и министерстве культуры. В 1997 году из-за гражданской войны покинула страну и осталась во Франции.
“For Karim”
I saw him
Forgotten by everyone
Including me
I saw him
On the highway
Hoping to be crushed into it
And melt into nothingness
Cried as one:
He is lost! He is done!
Good for prison
For life in prison
And the rest of us, well-off
By the tens and hundreds,
We had seen in him the essential evil
Habitual criminal
And no-one said
A little love
A little sunshing
A little chance for happiness
Like all the children on Earth.
We fled from him as from the fatal plague
Of Oran…
Still, by the light of the moon,
We cried out together
We love children!
Long live The Year of the Child!
Amélia NENEAmélia NENE (1954 - 1996) - одна из первых конголезских женщин, опубликовавших свои художественные произведения. Женщины в Конго начали печататься только в 1970-х годах. По данным 2001 года только половина женщин в Конго грамотны.
The Strand of Hair
I saw a long strand of hair
Beside a spring
A strand which held
The brilliance of an intense life
With a touch it passed to me
The message of a beautiful
Woman filled with the longing to live
Yet she passed away too quickly
For wanting to know
The world of dreams
From which no one ever returns.
A Drowning
No cries or sighs
No tears or wailing
Can move it
It remains impervious
To the suffering
Of a torn heart
And keeps turning its waters
Forgetting that it holds a prisoner
The child
That the mother waits for
On the shore.
A Flower of Life
A shiver touches her
Delicate icy beads sliding
Along burning temples:
Her heart is pulled apart,
Her body tenses up, then sags back
A crystalline cry
Fills the air
Relaxing her face.
The blessed novice
Let herself go slack
Tasting the satisfaction
Of a long wait
That consecrates her a mother.
Black Lullaby
Sing your best lament
For the children
Struck by death
And sleeping forever
Cradle them gently, gently
That their tiny bodies
Bruised by bullets
Might know
A slight relief
Before the rejoin
Our Heroes.
И еще несколько стихотворений Marie-Leontine Tsibinda, о которой уже писала
Singing a Heart
A chorus sings
in my heart
stubborn, my hand
diverts the noise
of the words of fury
boiling inside me
and traces indecipherable arabesques
lost on the inviolable paths
of destiny.
Wild Schent
Your breath on my face
is the sea on a face
the sea that goes and comes
and comes back and back again
toward you I come
when the night flowers
Toward you my thoughts
blaze when the sun dies
your deep navel
a Bermuda triangle
shore, face, wild
landscape of ferocious days
you who set me on fire
burn me, set me abaze
and return me to the shore
where the faces I encounter are new.
A Child of Elsewhere
(for Bonnie and K.Lee Brown)
I do not want time
to erase forever
my memory
I do not want the sun
to scorch forever
my seeds
I do not want the rain
to wash away forever
my little songs
you child
of Africa
of America
of Asia
of Europe
of Oceania
give me your hand
make your laughter ring
make your heart sing
come, let's live a dream
a fantastic dream
like a ring to be made
of all the bird cries
of all the forests in the world.
Blood and More Blood
Sirens howl
owls ululate
nothing is fine anymore
lift up your pagne
shave your head
cling to your mother
The earthquake is coming
the earth is already shaking
but very soon
it will shake and split
engulf without stopping
blood and more blood
red like fire
will cover the earth
how many lost candles?
how many mass graves
dug since then?
how many heads declared missing?
Blood and more blood
hot like fire
red like the sun
it will engulf the earth.
Like a Light
Woman of the wates
I salute you
what sea would I not empty
to recover the trace
of your sisters long gone
toward an unknown destiny
without our blessings
without their good-byes
toward new seasons
Woman of the waters
which child do you carry
the one of Kounkouati Lake
of Numbi Lake
or of the deep waters
of Blue Lake
Woman of the waters
woman of the Poulou
woman of the waters
woman of the Kongo
I salute you
I salute you
for the oath of fidelity
never taken and still carried
like a light
Woman of the waters
woman of the forests
what legends would I not invent
to see your teeth illuminate the night
and make sure that the child purring at your breast
does not kwashiorkor any longer
Woman of the waters
woman of the winds
I raise you higher
that the tower of towers
Woman of the waters
I salute you
you the image of peace of love and of pain.
(kwashiorkor - детская болезнь, вызываемая недоеданием. Здесь поэтесса употребляет это слово как глагол, хотя вообще-то это существительное.)
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