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"Women's Work"

Название: "Women’s Work, An Anthology of African-American Women’s Historical Writings from Antebellum America to the Harlem Renaissance"
Составительницы: Laurie F. Maffly-Kipp, Kathryn Lofton
Год издания: 2010
Издательство: Oxford University Press
В книге представлены произведения 19 афроамериканских авторок от 1832 до 1926 года.

Maria W. Stewart
“An Address Delivered Before the Afric-American Female Intelligence Society of America” (1832)
Ann Plato
“Education” (1841)
“Death of the Christian” (1841)
“Louisa Sebury” (1841)
“The Natives of America” (1841)
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
“Liberty for Slaves” (1857)
“Moses: A Story of the Nile” (1869)
“Then and Now” (1895)
Frank A. Rollin
“The Life and Public Services of Martin R. Delany” (1883)
Mary V. Cook
“Woman’s Place in the Work of the Denomination” (1887)
Josephine Heard
“Welcome to Hon. Frederick Douglass” (1890)
“Wilberforce” (1890)
“They Are Coming?” (1890)
“Resting: In Memoriam of Mrs. Bishop Turner” (1890)
Anna Julia Cooper
“The Status of Woman in America” (1892)
S. Elizabeth Frazier
“Some Afro-American Women of Mark” (1892)
Virginia W. Broughton
“Woman’s Work” (1894)
Gertrude Bustill Mossell
“The Work of the Afro-American Woman” (1894) 121
Hardie Martin
“How the Church Can Best Help the Condition of the Masses” (1896)
Victoria Earle Matthews
“The Awakening of the Afro-American Woman” (1897)
Amelia Etta Hall Johnson
“Some Parallels of History” (1899)
Katherine Davis Tillman
“Heirs of Slavery. A Little Drama of Today” (1901)
Pauline Hopkins
“Of One Blood: Or, the Hidden Self ” (1902–1903)
"Famous Women of the Negro Race: Educators" (1902)
Leila Amos Pendleton
“A Narrative of the Negro” (1912)
Olivia Ward Bush-Banks
“Unchained, 1863” (1914)
“A Hero of San Juan Hill” (1914)
Drusilla Dunjee Houston
“Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Cushite Empire” (1926)
Hallie Quinn Brown
“Harriet—The Moses” (1926)
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