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Книги, рекомендуемые феминистками

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The Doll Collection (2015)
felix_mencat wrote in fem_books
Еще одна антология ужастиков, в которой много женских имен -

The Doll-Master by Joyce Carol Oates
Gaze by Gemma Files
In Case of Zebras by Pat Cadigan
There Is No Place for Sorrow in the Kingdom of the Cold by Seanan McGuire
Goodness and Kindness by Carrie Vaughn
After and Back Before by Miranda Siemienowicz
Doctor Faustus by Mary Robinette Kowal
Visit Lovely Cornwall on the Western Railway Line by Genevieve Valentine
Miss Sibyl-Cassandra by Lucy Sussex
The Permanent Collection by Veronica Schanoes