June 26th, 2016

отличный текст от Mary Costanza

Оригинал взят у gyanarthi в отличный текст от Mary Costanza

~Hello Beautiful Souls~

I want to share with you something that was said to me. it irritates the hell out of me when someone says to me "she's hormonal" No, I'm not hormonal, I'm finally stepping into a place of power within me. A place that I have never been to before. So by saying NO, without explaining yourself or feeling guilty about it, labels a woman hormonal. We all know that is not true. Why is it when a woman is being assertive she is called either hormonal or a bitch? She is at a point in her life where she is finally starting to be comfortable with who she is, she is asserting herself, no more apologizing for what she does or doesn't want to do, it's her choice. It's like I have said before, when we start to feel comfortable with who we are, learning to relate to our self in a new way, and not letting everyone walk all over you, all these labels are placed upon us. That use to bother me, and I would back down and continue to be a sheep, well now I'm a wolf and I just can't apologize anymore for who I am becoming. She' real, she raw, and she has found her power. Yes, I admit at first I was a little afraid of that power, because I was feeling such an charge that went through me, it wasn't anger, it was listening to a new voice I have never heard before. She said "stand up for yourself Mary, dammit you deserve respect just like everybody else" You're not a mat to be walked on repeatedly. It felt so good and some told me I was arrogant, no I'm not arrogant, I have just awakened, and learning this new way is fascinating! We all know we are strong, and when we are pushed to the limit, are strength helps us push back. Some people frown upon that and call you all kinds of names, that's not my problem it's theirs. And another thing who cares if everyone doesn't like you, we can't please everyone. It's a new place of new found freedom, it's beautiful here..Being able to stand up for yourself an being proud with no excuses are explanations.I still have a lot to learn, but I am feeling this incredible power within that lets me know that "I'm ok" and to keep on walking this new path. I wish that it didn't take me this long to figure all this out, but it's better late than never. I hope you all find this freedom within to be who ever it is you choose to be. Remember you are worth it! So I say here's to the wolf within, may she run wildly free.

Mary Costanza

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Кмк, не хватает тэга "возраст" или "взрослость"/"зрелость" или чего-то, что описывало бы именно этот период жизни женщин.


Мария Дубиковская

Очень понравились четверостишия новосибирской поэтессы. Думаю, они как раз подойдут для воскресного поста.

Основы сексизма нарушить не смею –
Нам слишком неравные свойства присущи:
Мужчины сильнее, умнее, крупнее,
А женщины – лучше.

Что влечет в виртуальном мужчине?
Я по личному опыту знаю:
Он мне кран никогда не починит,
Но и жизнь никогда не сломает.

Сколько б я ни встречала людей,
Ни ходила бы сколькими тропами –
Друг всегда познавался в беде,
А мужчина – в отсутствии штопора.


Собираясь ранехонько в путь,
По законному, в общем-то, праву,
Он пожал мою левую грудь,
А потом потянулся за правой,
Но потом передумал: дела!
Побежала его провожать я...
...Долго в сердце еще берегла
То скупое мужское пожатье.

Народные приметы

Выцвели сочные травы.
Кончилось жаркое лето.
Осень. Заныли суставы.
Осень. Заныли поэты.

Я не чужда коллективизму:
Мне коллектив особо ценен,
Когда находится он снизу,
А я слегка над ним – на сцене.

Как гнусно чирикают птицы,
Как мерзко рассвет розоват,
Когда ты ложишься в пять тридцать,
А в семь собирался вставать.

Ещё стихи по ссылке: https://etazhi-lit.ru/publishing/poetry/384-dubikovskaya-yumor.html