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Барбара Лав "Феминистки, которые изменили Америку (1963-1975)"

Здесь мне эта книга не попадалась, хочу о ней напомнить.

University of Illinois Press, 22 сент. 2006 г. - Всего страниц: 526
Documenting key feminists who ignited the second wave women's movement

Barbara J. Love’s Feminists Who Changed America, 1963-1975 will be the first comprehensive directory to document many of the founders and leaders (including both well-known and grassroots organizers) of the second wave women's movement. It tells the stories of more than two thousand individual women and a few notable men who together reignited the women's movement and made permanent changes to entrenched customs and laws.

The biographical entries on these pioneering feminists represent their many factions, all parts of the country, all races and ethnic groups, and all political ideologies. Nancy Cott's foreword discusses the movement in relation to the earlier first wave and presents a brief overview of the second wave in the context of other contemporaneous social movements.

На амазоне.

В pdf есть биография Филлис Чеслер из этой книги.

Об авторке.
Tags: 20 век, 21 век, США, амазон, английский язык, история феминизма, лесбиянка, феминистка

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