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Малави: Упиле Чисала "Легкая магия"

И снова спасибо masha_belko за наводку!
Упиле Чисала (Upile Chisala) родилась в 1994 году в Малави (о богиня, поколение 1990-х уже публикуется!!!), живет в Балтиморе, по профессии социолог.
В 2015 году выпустила книгу "soft magic", есть на амазоне.
У нее вполне симпатичные небольшие стихотворения и афоризмы.
Под катом небольшая подборка.

now that I know
the soft magic of you laugh
and how your body moves like art,
why would I ever go back?
what was before you?

my mother tells me she raised herself.
she has always been both sunshine and rain for me,
I am in awe of how she survived and became a flower with neither.

(for my mother, the strongest woman I know)

all the lovely women living in your blood are trying to teach you their soft magic,
please pay attention to them.

I hope to do with words what dancers do with limbs.

I write you poems because God spoke the universe into existence,
so don't ever let me hear you say that words are just words.
words don't leave a mark,
make a change,
create where once was nothing.

it is when we don't believe we are enough for ourselves
that we start looking for people to drown in.

to the girl at battle with her body,
I pray you find a place to lay your weapons down.

I remember the first time you feel in love.
you said even the water tasted funny,
and taking in air felt like sipping galaxies.
you looked at everything like you'd never seen it before.
this is the first time I realized that
love for a moment or a season,
can make an entire universe seem like it was just created.

remember to run from men who promise you completion.
you are already whole.

consider this:
your body is a blessing.
where it curves,
where it was scarred,
all of this is a map of your life.
your body is memory
some sweet
some sad
but memory nonetheless
your soil is living
in a house of stories.
your body is memory.

for nine months you too swam in mother blood.
tell me, how do you manage
to hate a woman with every bone in your body?

he said:
are you sure you don't carry the ocean in your chest?
mountains in your eyes?
the sky in your hips?
you are starting to feel like the whole
world to me.

too many of us are oceans
with lovers that never learnt to swim.

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