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Сайт с обзорами лесбийской литературы, есть разделы romance, femslash, thriller, paranormal и др.
http://bookdyke.com и подробности об издательствах, продукция которых рассматривается:

What kinds of books does Bella publish?
We are looking for well-told, great stories about lesbians. Though we use genre labels to describe our books, whatever general classification(s) any story may fit into is secondary to the quality of the story itself. Genre classifications help readers find the kind of entertainment they want, however, and are used throughout the bookselling world. We generally define various fiction categories in these ways:

Lesbian Romance: A story that ends with two women firmly convinced that there is a chance of permanence and a loving future for their relationship.
Lesbian Mystery: A story that promptly includes a murder or crime of grave proportions, and a heroine(s) who either by design or accident is compelled to solve the circumstances.
Lesbian Action/Thriller: A story with a central puzzle that may be driven by conspiracy, crime or competition, and might be as big as global politics or as personal as psychological conflict, involving a heroine(s) as a participant in the race to survive danger and solve all puzzles.
Lesbian Science-fiction, fantasy, paranormal, gothic: A story driven by elements not in our everyday world. Set in the future, in an alternative reality, in a fictional past or some other not-quite-real place, a heroine faces universal challenges that are deeply intertwined with the constraints and opportunities of her world.
Lesbian Erotica: A story that contains a highly explicit range of consensual, adult sexual expression and activity.
Cross-genre: Any story that combines more than one genre. Many books are cross-genre: a romantic mystery which includes a developing love relationship between partners-to-be; an adventurous romance where the lovers are brought together by solving a dangerous puzzle; a paranormal thriller where a heroine’s psychic abilities are part of the solution; a post-apocalyptic sci-fi story where women working together build lives that include romance, solve puzzles of their world and bring murderers to justice. The combinations are endless.
Lesbian General fiction: A story with universal literary themes that may also be told in an unusual voice or narrative structure. It may include stories that cross genres to such a degree that it defies more specific categorization. Books in our Bella Attitude imprint are generally in this category. Bella Attitude is Books without Boundaries.
Lesbian Creative Non-Fiction: Memoir, essay, autobiography and biography featuring the lives and experiences of real lesbians

Кое-что из этого переводится в контакте на коленке, без профессиональной вычитки; грустно, в общем.
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