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Ottessa Moshfegh

Сегодня объявлен лонг Букера: http://themanbookerprize.com/fiction/news/man-booker-prize-announces-2016-longlist
Одна из номинанток позиционируется как феминистка. В сообществе кто-то хотела почитать об отношениях героини с проблемным отцом - собственно, "Эйлин" об этом.
Отесса Мошфег - американская романистка, финалистка нескольких литературных премий, родилась в Бостоне (Массачусетс), дочь иранца и сербки. В букеровском списке - её роман "Эйлин", который был опубликован в прошлом году и получил положительные отзывы в англоязычной прессе.

Интервью Саре Джерард (англ.)

“I looked like a girl you’d expect to see on a city bus,” begins “Eileen,” Ottessa Moshfegh’s seductive novel, “reading some clothbound book from the library about plants or geography, perhaps wearing a net over my light brown hair.” This is the eponymous Eileen, and we quickly learn that any assumptions we might make about her from her appearance would be dead wrong. “I didn’t really read books about flowers or home economics,” she tells us a few pages later. “I liked books about awful things — murder, illness, death.”

But murder, illness and death are so generic — and Eileen is anything but generic. Eileen is as vivid and human as they come. And because Eileen’s favorite topic is Eileen, she does not skimp on the details. She keeps a dead field mouse in the glove box of her Dodge Coronet. She wears lipstick to hide the natural shade of her lips, which are the color of her nipples. She has fantasies about the icicles that hang over her front door “cracking and darting through my breasts, splicing through the thick gristle of my shoulder like bullets or cleaving my brain into pieces.”
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